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Ground Segment Engineer – Space Missions Control Centre - 2018DNO01


With crucial implications for the economy and society, the conquest of space is at the heart of daily life for citizens now more than ever. The mission of the Centre National D’Études Spatiales (CNES) – French Space Agency – is to shape the country’s space policy for public authorities and implement it through 2,450 employees spread across four centres of excellence, based in Toulouse, Paris and Kourou in French Guiana.

Want to be part of the France’s space adventure? The CNES is recruiting a Ground Segment Engineer – Space Missions Control Centre on an 18-month fixed term contract in Toulouse.

The Ground Segment Operations Development Service defines the architecture and establishes, together with project and operations teams, the technical specifications for ground control segments of space systems. It ensures the project management of IT systems development up to technical qualification and acts as the design authority.

Your missions

To meet the challenges of European and global space activity, the CNES is constantly innovating and is developing a new line of satellite control centres that will be used in future missions (CERES, SWOT and MERLIN will be the first). Based on service-orientated architecture (SOA), the line will integrate a number of standards (ECSS Packet Utilization Standards, Mission Operation and CCSDS Space Link Extension). This approach is part of the standardization project for ISIS space easements.

In this context, you will learn, study and implement the current functions of the line of control centres to explore their capacity to operate a constellation of satellites.

Your activities and objectives will be linked to the development of operations and architecture design for satellite constellations: the level of synthesis displayed to the operator (data granularity, satellite monitoring), the organisation of satellite databases, the management of data volumes, the automation of operations and strategy for the implementation of functional chains, the impact on architectures and software configurations, and the impact on space mechanics software and satellite simulators etc.

You will configure and implement a control centre based on the ISIS control centre product line. This implementation will be formalised through tests and the production of datasets (sets of procedures, views, synoptics).        

You will identify the technical points and those linked to operations design to explore, as well as the development required to deliver an operational version.

You will lead these activities in close co-operation with CNES specialists in command/control, ground resources development and control centre operations.         

You will also work in collaboration with the ISIS Ground Segment Manager and control centre sub-system managers in order to consolidate the choices made and bring a credible and sustainable solution for the line of control centres dedicated to satellite constellation operations.

Desired profile

An Engineer or academic with professional experience in a similar role, you are passionate about computer technology and applying it to solve business problems. You have good knowledge of software development, architecture and modelling, and software development tools and methods. An understanding of the technologies and standards used in ground command/control segments would be a plus.

You have the ability to analyse and integrate complex technical information in order to manage projects, and collaborate with a team of high-level technical professionals as well as suppliers. Diplomacy, creativity, enthusiasm, initiative and teamwork skills are the main qualities that you will need to succeed in this role. A good level of French and / or English is essential.

Structure description

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